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Why paying so much for rusty second hand racking when you can buy brand new at the same price? 

Our racking system is compatible with Dexion, it can be linked with your existing system. 

Not sure about layout? We offer design service and installation in Auckland. 


Beam Length 

Beam length is specified as the distance between connector faces, as shown in draft below.

Beam Connector

Pallet Racking Beam connector is designed to increase resistance to sideways away moments and effectively take vertical loads and moments on specially designed high performance hooks.

Safety Lock

Each beam is supplied with steel Safety Lock, which guarantee the beam is correctly positioned and help prevent the beam being accidentally dislodged during its work. Safety Locks are fixed to beam connectors when being packaged.


Box Beam

We provide both 80mm and 120mm box beams


Beam Specs:

Code Description Length Height Loading Rating per Level

Price exc GST 

 PSB278  Step Beam 80mm 2.7M 2743 80 1300 KG $43
PBB278  Box Beam 80mm 2.7M 2743 80 1300 KG $43
PBB2743  Box Beam 120mm 2.7M 2743 120 2500 KG $46
PBB1412  Box Beam 120mm 1.4M 1412 120 4000 KG $32
PBB3208  Box Beam 120mm 3.2M 3208 120 2390 KG $54
PBB3812  Box Beam 120mm 3.8M 3812 120 1700 KG $66


Frame Specs:

Code Description Price exc GST
PF30 Pallet Racking Frame 3000 x 900 $103
PF36 Pallet Racking Frame 3657 x 900 $120
PF42 Pallet Racking Frame 4200 x 900 $138
PF48 Pallet Racking Frame 4800 x 900 $158
PF61 Pallet Racking Frame 6096 x 900 $178


Common Accessories:

Code Description Price exc GST
PFP Pallet Racking Footplate $14
PSPP2100 Steel Post Protector 2100mm $143
PSPP900 Steel Post Protector 900mm $103
PSPP Steel Post Protector  $40
PSRS Row Spacer $12
PWM90 Wire Mesh Decking $45

Discounts apply for bulk purchase

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