Retail Shelving

Get smart and high-quality retail shelving at Platinum Storage Solution. We supply different shop fittings that will help you expand your commercial storage space while keeping your products safe and accessible. 

What separates our retail shelves form the rest is that they are easy to assemble and are adjustable to fit your ever-changing needs. Each of our single side retail shelving can be tilted down or used along the walls of your store, and have modifiable heights. Best of all, all of our store shelves come at affordable and competitive rates. 

Whether you need it for your small retail store or for a larger supermarket, Platinum Storage Solution is the name to trust for retail shelving and shop fittings. Place your orders today! 

$184.00 Ex Tax: $160.00
Quality retail shelving at competitive prices Pefect for supermarket or any retail shop..
$184.00 Ex Tax: $160.00
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